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Privacy Policy

This information describes the ways in which GreenHeating-TS Sagl intends to inform visitors of the "" website (hereinafter the "Site") of the policy adopted regarding the protection of personal data in order to protect their privacy. Please read carefully our Privacy Policy which applies when you access the Site and when you use our contact, registration, booking forms and, if applicable, if you subscribe to the GreenHeating Carbon Fiber Newsletter (hereinafter "Newsletter").

Navigation within the Site is free and does not require any registration, with the exception of some areas where the user can freely and expressly provide a series of data concerning him to access specifically identified services (eg to contact us via specific forms or subscribe to the Newsletter). Therefore, if the visitor intends to provide their personal data to access these additional services, they will be expressly informed in accordance with Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196, "Code regarding the protection of personal data", (the "Code") and of the EU Regulation 679/2016 GDPR "General data protection regulation" (the "Regulation") with indication (by way of example) of the purposes and methods of use of data by GreenHeating-TS Sagl, as well as the right to request deletion of the data or updating of the same at any time. Any reference to the Code contained in the Privacy Policy, and to the Site in general, must be considered valid and effective within the limits and to the extent that the regulations referred to remain in force after the entry into force of the Regulation (25 May 2018).

The website is not intended for use by children under the age of sixteen.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of the Code and the Regulations, GreenHeating-TS Sagl provides the following information.

1. The Data Controller and Data Processors

The owner of the processing of personal data is GreenHeating-TS Sagl, with registered office in Via Via G.B. Pioda, 12, 6900, Lugano, VAT CHE-367.443.734 VAT, Tax Code CHE-367.443.734 email Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. (hereinafter "GreenHeating-TS Sagl").

Data protection officer, pursuant to art. 37 of the Regulations, can be contacted at the email address Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo..

2. Types of personal data processed

No registration is required to access the Site. However, within the Site there are services for which it is necessary to provide personal data (eg to contact us via specific forms or subscribe to the Newsletter).

More information:

If GreenHeating-TS Sagl acquires information and personal data, it will inform users in advance of the purposes for which such data is requested and of the ways in which they will be used. Where necessary, GreenHeating-TS Sagl will acquire the user's specific consent to the relative use of the data. By way of example, GreenHeating-TS Sagl may request personal data such as name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address and other information that the user agrees to provide to use the services of the Site by filling in a specific form of registration (eg to be able to contact us via specific forms or subscribe to the Newsletter). GreenHeating-TS Sagl will use the personal data collected online only for the purposes indicated at the time of registration.

The data related to the connection and navigation within the Site (such as the URI-Uniform Resource Identifier addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response , the numeric code indicating the status of the response given by the server (success, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the operating system and the user's computer environment) are collected for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information on use of the Site and to check its correct functioning and are deleted immediately after processing. The data could be used to ascertain responsibility in the event of hypothetical computer crimes against the Site: with the exclusion of this possibility, the data will be deleted after the time necessary for providing the services illustrated on the Site.

With reference to data relating to navigation within the Site, see also point 6 below regarding the profiling tools used by the Site.

3. Optional supply of personal data

The provision of personal data is generally optional. Only in certain cases failure to provide data may make it impossible to access specific services and obtain what may have been requested; failure to provide such data may therefore prevent GreenHeating-TS Sagl from allowing access to the services of the Site or from responding to users' requests.

The data from time to time necessary are indicated in the data collection forms present on the Site - for example marked with a (*) - and the consequences of their failure to provide them are reported in the specific information on the data collection pages.

4. Purpose

The data is collected and processed for purposes strictly related to the use of the Site and its services. The data collected by GreenHeating-TS Sagl through the contact and newsletter registration forms will only be used to answer the various questions or to confirm the registrations. The data collected by signing up for the Newsletter will only be used to send additional and promotional information concerning only the activities of the Site and GreenHeating-TS Sagl services to those who have confirmed this registration. Such data will be processed in full compliance with privacy legislation.

Your data will be processed in accordance with the art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. b) and c) of the Regulations and on the basis of your consent, pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. a) of the Regulations, as well as on our legitimate interest in providing services through the site and in retaining users pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. f) of the Regulation, of the art. 122 of the Code and Directive 58/2002 (and subsequent amendments and additions).

In any case, the treatment will take place in compliance with the provisions of the provisions in force - and their subsequent modifications and/or additions - issued on the subject by the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data.

5. Mode, duration of data processing and scope of communication

The data may be processed both electronically and on paper. GreenHeating-TS Sagl guarantees the lawful and correct processing of personal data provided through the Website, in full compliance with the current legislation, as well as the maximum confidentiality of the data provided at the time of registration. All information collected is transmitted in a secure connection in order to prevent interception by strangers.

Any data provided by users will be processed for the times specified in the specific information provided at the time of data collection.

As regards the storage times of the data collected through the use of profiling tools (eg cookies), you can see our Cookie Policy. The data will not be communicated or disclosed to third parties except within the limits and under the conditions expressly indicated in the information provided each time to the users and subject to authorization by the users same.

6. Links to other sites

This information is provided only for the site and not for other websites that may be consulted by the user via links. GreenHeating-TS Sagl cannot be held responsible for the personal data provided by users to external subjects or to any websites linked to this Site.

7. "Profiling" and/or customization tools

GreenHeating-TS Sagl does not carry out any promotional and / or advertising communication activity without the user's prior express consent.

The Site uses "cookies", both technical (that is, to facilitate navigation and use of the Site), and profiling (that is, to analyze users and their behaviors and preferences, and make them have personalized advertisements). For a detailed explanation of the cookies used by the Site and how to disable them, please read our Cookie Policy.

8. Place of data processing

The treatments connected to the services provided by the Site are carried out at the GreenHeating-TS Sagl headquarters indicated in point 1 above and are carried out by the same company. A complete list of external managers appointed by GreenHeating-TS Sagl can be requested from the contacts indicated in point 9 of the Privacy Policy.Your data will be transferred in full compliance with the guarantees, measures and rights provided for by the privacy legislation.

The applicable privacy legislation requires that its specific consent to transfer to third countries is not necessary as the transfer of your data is made to a country that guarantees an adequate level of protection (Article 45 of the Regulation) or on the basis of adoption of adequate guarantees ((Articles 46 and 47 of the Regulation), and in particular on the basis of the adoption of binding rules for groups of companies, the adoption of contractual clauses approved by the European Commission or adherence to the guarantees provided by the agreement of Privacy Shield with the USA.

The transfer of your data to third countries will therefore take place in full compliance with the guarantees, the measures and the rights as foreseen by the acts listed above, and as better specified in the specific information relating to the collection of your data contained on the Site. Anyhow, by simple request (see point 9 of the information), may receive information on the existence of an adequacy decision or on the appropriate guarantees adopted to allow the transfer of your data, as well as on the means to obtain such data or the place where they were made available.

By simple request (see n. 9 of the information) you can receive more information on the transfer of your data and on the guarantees provided for their protection.

9. Rights of interested parties

By communication to be sent to the email address Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo., you may at any time exercise your rights pursuant to articles from 15 to 23 of the Regulations, including which data we are processing, how and for what purposes we use them, change the data you provided or delete them, ask us to limit the use of your data, request to receive or transmit your data, without prejudice to the possibility of changing your consent (possibly provided). You can also always object to the processing of your data, in particular, for marketing purposes or analysis of your preferences.

10. Who can contact to make a complaint?

We remind you that if you are not satisfied with the responses received from GreenHeating-TS Sagl (see paragraph 8) above, you may in any case, if you believe that the treatment concerning you violates the provisions of the Regulation, propose complaint to the Guarantor Authority for the protection of personal data (, or to the Guarantor Authority of the country in which he habitually resides, he works or of the place where the alleged violation occurred.

11. Applicable law

This Privacy Policy is governed by EU Regulation 679/2016 GDPR and the national legislation applicable to the case in question, to the extent that such legislation will remain in force after the date of application of the Regulation (25 May 2018). The Regulation guarantees that the processing of personal data is carried out in respect of fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as the dignity of the data subject, with particular reference to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to protection of personal data.

12. Review clause

GreenHeating-TS Sagl reserves the right to review, modify or simply update, in whole or in part, in its sole discretion, in any way and/or at any time, without notice, this Privacy Policy also in consideration of changes in the rules of law or regulation on the protection of personal data. Changes and updates to the Privacy Policy will be notified to users by (i) sending emails to users registered on the Site and (ii) publishing on the Site's Home Page, and will be binding as soon as they are published and communicated. We therefore ask you to regularly access this section to verify the publication of the most recent and updated Privacy Policy or to check your e-mail address.

The full text of the EU Regulation 679/2016 GDPR is available on the website of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data

Review 12/08/2019

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