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Applications: Other applications

Applications: Other applications

Not just a simple heating system

Heating Fabric technology has multiple uses thanks to the temperatures it can reach without risk of fire and its waterproof characteristics


Other application examples

The Heating Fabric technology is perfect for saunas and thermal baths: it can be used in the presence of water and humidity, and the desired heat is reached in just a few minutes

Thanks to the heat radiation and the fact that it does not raise dust, the Heating Fabric can be used to heat the car seats

The Heating Fabric system can radiate the radiant heat of Far-Infrared: it is a healthy heat that can be exploited in many ways for greenhouse crops


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About our company

GreenHeating Carbon Fiber is a company that sells and distributes a material with high heating properties: it is a technology, a Carbon Coated Yarn with copper connections, which looks above all at energy saving and the reduction of polluting and harmful elements.