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Applications: Interior spaces

Applications: Interior spaces

A healthy heat throughout the house

The Heating Fabric technology can be exploited in many ways to heat our home in a few minutes


Other application examples

The Heating Fabric material fits perfectly to be placed under the wallpaper

Without having to do invasive renovations, the Heating Fabric can be placed under carpets for dust-free warmth

For lovers of a more classic furniture, the boiserie can be used to position the Heating Fabric behind the panels

You can opt for an application of the Heating Fabric behind the frame of the paintings, you can also paint directly on specific models of Heating Fabric

You can apply the Heating Fabric inside the lamps to enjoy a pleasant warmth in a few minutes

Thanks to the possibility of regulating its temperature, the Heating Fabric can also be used under the pillow sofas and armchairs

With the Heating Fabric even design objects can be exploited in order to radiate the right heat in every room


The carbon coated yarn device of Heating Fabric is unique in its kind and this patent is an exclusive of Taesung Industry

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GreenHeating Carbon Fiber is a company that sells and distributes a material with high heating properties: it is a technology, a Carbon Coated Yarn with copper connections, which looks above all at energy saving and the reduction of polluting and harmful elements.