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Heating Fabric is safe, practical and versatile

It is an advanced technology with both economic and health benefits

  • Main heating of new and existing buildings:
    • house, wall-house, hotel, restaurant, office, galleries, nursing home, school, health club, hospital, beauty farm, day care center, clinic, etc.
  • Outdoor spaces:
    • greenhouse, garage, sidewalks, outdoor furniture, etc.
  • Interior spaces and objects:
    • mattress, sofas, carpet, wallpaper, painting, partition, cushion, etc.
  • Sauna & Clothing:
    • sauna, thermal bath, etc. heating sportswear (vest, sweat wear, jumper), etc.
  • Vehicles & other:
    • car seat heating and car ceiling, yacht, camper, yoga heating cushion, camping sleeping heating bag, etc.

Heating Fabric: application & installation

Material that can set temperature freely from low temperature to high temperature (150° C)

Efficiency and sustainability are the basic concepts on which, nowadays, indoor heating must be based and opting for ecological solutions for the home (or other places such as offices, bars, restaurants, congregation centers, etc.) means reducing their environmental impact but also save money.

The Heating Fabric technology heats the environment in less time without the need for preheating and requires lower operating temperature: this translates into monetary savings, but the positive effects are many and varied because it is a beneficial heat similar to irradiation solar.



Heating Fabric is a system that integrates perfectly with your home by radiating clean heat with air purifying and dehumidifying functions

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About our company

GreenHeating Carbon Fiber is a company that sells and distributes a material with high heating properties: it is a technology, a Carbon Coated Yarn with copper connections, which looks above all at energy saving and the reduction of polluting and harmful elements.